Join Us

Graduate students (Master & PhD)

If you are interested in joining my research group as a graduate student in 2023 Fall, please apply to ECE or CS. Don't forget to mention, substantiate, and justify your interest in my work to ensure that I see your application. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to all prospective students, so the best time to contact me is after submitting your application.

Undergraduate summer research interns

Please read some of my publications first to see if you are interested. I tend to support summer interns through multiple scholarships in ECE, CS, or EngSci. Please send an email to schedule a meeting with your CV&Transcripts&GitHub account attached. See more references here: Summer Research FAQs.

Other types of research interns

I also welcome students who would like to work with me as part-time research interns (undergrad, ESC499/ECE499 thesis, MEng2500, CSC494/495, etc). Please send an email to schedule a meeting with your CV & Transcripts & GitHub account attached. Be prepared to talk about research problems you find interesting in software engineering.

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